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On this page are listed some of the other wandmakers I have found on the web. Each wand maker's work is very different. Some produce their wands with a good deal of ceremony and magic, while others aim more humbly to produce beautiful works of craft, leaving the enchantment up to the purchaser. Some are crafted entirely by hand, while others are turned on a lathe. Prices also vary widely. Please peruse the pages of these noble fellows of the guild and tell them Alferian of Bard Woodcrafts sent you. Just click on the name of the shop for the link.

If you are a wandmaker or make hand crafted ritual tools and magical instruments, and would like to exchange links, please let me know:

Handmade Wooden Wands

Broom Castle Wands. Beautifully hand-carved wands in very imaginative designs.

Dragonmother Wandworks. Very nice turned and carved wands in many woods. Some Potterish, some not. Beautiful colors, especially on the Egyptian style wands, with silver and gold. Cloth wand sheathes as well as a nice wood lore page.

Greenwood Enchantment. Superbly carved wands, knives and wooden flutes by George Gannon in the U.K. Gorgeous! Take a look. "All my work is cut on a spiral theme of other world design, using hand craft (no machinery involved) The finished piece has no symbolic markings, only my own sigil that is a three fold blessing working on the law of return. Each piece has a genuine beeswax finish. Some pieces are straight in length and some maybe crooked, all have that lovingly magical feel to the wood."

Merlin's Realm. Wands and other magical instruments by Casey Bopp of Colorado. Information and lore on sacred geometry and stones. Very fine copper wirework in the stone settings on wands.

PraxisArcanas. An Atelier of Magic and Art. "Estamos dedicado a la creación de finos productos de Gran Calidad Artística pero con un exquisito sabor Arcano: místico y mágico! También podemos hacer ese "algo especial" que estas buscando! Una creación que solo TU podras tener!" (We are dedicated to the creation of fine products of Great Artistic Quality, but with an exquisite Arcane taste: mystical and magical! We can also craft that "special something" that You are looking for! A creation that only YOU will have!)

Spirit of Old. Beautiful wands, staves, pendants, and athames crafted from bog oak, blackthorn, yew, and many other woods sacred to the bards of old. Located in the southern U.K. the proprietors gather their stock from some of the most renound sacred sites, such as Silbury Hill, and the areas around Avebury and Glastonbury. Clever designs and reasonable prices.

The lovely wand at left is hand shaped and bears the druid symbol of three rays and three dots, a symbol known to all druids as the representation of Awen, the descent of the spiritual light of inspiration.

Sticks, Stones -n- Beyond. Interesting hand-carved wands by Drudin and Thorn with dramatic spiral helices. Rune wands, rune sets, and lovely wooden wand boxes. Also "pagan cat toys"!

Thornfield Handcrafted Wands. "Handcrafted natural wood wands made in Nottingham, deep in the heart of England. Perfect for any Pagan, witch/wizard, or LARPer, and perfect doll accessory. All wands are unique and made out of solid wood - no resin!" Prices around $9

Valley Wands. Sian ap Pysgotwyr and Hywel ap Teifi, fine wood wand and staff makers located in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Fine page on the properties of trees and woods. Handfasting sets a specialty.

Wands of Avalon. "I craft my wands, runes and other items  from the magical woods collected in and around the legendary Isle of Avalon...the present day town of Glastonbury, England."  $20-$40 price range.

Wicca and Pagan Supplies. A general emporium of magical supplies including a very good selection of wands in wood and other media at very affordable prices. Below a lovely ash wand.

Witchcraft, Ltd. Wooden Wands. A lovely selection of handcrafted wooden wands in traditional British woods from the crafters in Glastonbury. Check out their site for other great ritual items as well, including ovely bolines and athames, besoms, and much more.

Wands in Metal, Clay, and Crystal

The Wand Workshop. "Specialises in creating hand crafted Selenite (Satin Spar), live wood, and crystal wands. Each wand is totally unique with its own vibration and character. Both Robert and Tania are practicing Reiki Masters and draw inspiration from many sources" Sadly, their web site seems to have disappeared, so there is no link. I leave them up, however, because of their unique approach to wand making.

Willowroot Wands. Wands crafted of pewter and crystal by Abby Willowroot, a member of Oberon Zell-Ravenheart's Grey Council of Wizards. Splendid designs.

Lathe-Turned Wands

If what you are really looking for is a wand for your Harry Potter fan, then visit the following crafters. Most of these are explicitly marketing to Rowling fans and do not represent any actual magical tradition that I can discern.

Alivans. If you are looking for lathe-turned Harry Potter-style wands and other Potter paraphernalia, like hats, brooms, and house scarves from Hogwarts, this place is probably the biggest producer of that sort of thing, selling in retail outlets around the country. Wands priced according to the type of wood used. Price range: $17-65.

Fitchel and Sons Wands. A web wandshop in the Harry Potter style with two models of turned wooden wands, $50 and $70 respectively. They seem to have developed their own approach to magic that is unrelated to anything historical and only vaguely alludes to Harry Potter.

Gilded Quill Wands. A shop providing handmade turned wands, quills, inks, and handmade blank books for use as magical notebooks. Over seventy wood varieties, many exotic hardwoods. Around $42. Wandmaker: Johann & Son. Also have delighful leather wand "holsters" designed to fit their wands. For that quick-draw!

Magical Alley Master Wandmakers. Hand turned wands in many types of wood, athames, wand stands, and other accouterments. $15-$20 range.

Mills Family Wands. A wand shop aimed at the Harry Potter fan. Some are turned on a lathe, some are hand shaped, as in the twisty example below. Prices in Galleons.

Whirlwood Wands. Very nice lathe-turned wands in the Harry Potter/Ollivanders style. Fine reproductions of the wands from the Potter films. Very nicely done. Price range: $35-62.

Old Trader's Wands: Legendary Wand Collection. Lovely turned wands and wooden wand boxes, each made to order, not mass-produced. Thoughtful comments on different wand woods. Admirable boxes. Price range for wands, $60-80.

Other Hand Crafted Magical Implements

Ogham Few Sets from Spirit of Old in England. The finest ogham sets I've seen. Beautiful craftsmanship and available in the full spectrum of sacred ogham trees.

Brahm's Bookworks. The most marvelous handmade grimoires available (to my knowledge). I have one myself. Constructed of heavy leather-bound boards decorated with metal hinges, corners and clasps. in the center of the one at left is a green-man face. The heavy parchment-colored paper inside is divided into section with metal corner tabs. Included are sections for rituals, sabbats, and spells. Well worth the price!
Woodenthreads Boxes. "These handcrafted boxes are beautiful. On their own they are lovely decorative pieces. They can also be used to hold rarely used precious items or used daily to house and hold whatever you choose. There are qualities associated with each of the woods used. These qualities of joy, strength, recuperation are part and parcel of the boxes and are with them when they arrive."

One of my wands used in the fantastic artwork of Lance Oller

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