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Since 9,998 (Wizard's Reckoning) Bardwood, Ltd. has been supporting research into the art of Druidry, commonly known as "magic." Not stage illusions or entertainment, but the mystical development of one's whole being. I am the wandmaker, Sr. Writer-in-Residence and Librarian of this tiny Institute. I have been creating hand-carved wooden wands for use in magic and ritual for clients across the world. In addition to being a wandmaker, I am a druid, an indigo wizard, and author, living in a quiet corner of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Each Bardwood wand is lovingly hand-carved, stained, finished, and enchanted with a magical core. Some are augmented with magical stones, crystals and other design elements intended to enhance the power of the wand. All are made from the carefully selected wood of sacred trees according to the methods of Druid tradition and Elvish lore with the cooperation of the indwelling dryad spirit of the tree.

These wands are not toys or props but are made for the serious magical practitioner, whether druid, witch, or wizard. A wand is a magical tool and as such must be charged and invested with intention by its user. Real magic is very subtle and always in accord with Nature's laws. Bardwood is dedicated to working with the dryad spirits of the trees in the art of crafting magic wands. Because of this, we use hand tools; the use of electrical machines is kept to a minimum and nothing is mass-produced. Each wand from Bardwood Wandry is unique.
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This site contains many photographs of wands that I have made, and also information about how they are made. At left you will find links to other pages in this website. Wander the Wand Galleries and look at the lore section for articles and reading material. The Community section has links to other wandmakers and various organizations.

A wand of cedar carved with a runic inscription and an ankh. Pommel with bloodstone reservoir.

Beech Wand with carved leaves, acorn pommel, and the ogham "phagos."
An excellent wand for seeking knowledge and uncovering secrets.